Saturday, October 12, 2019

If I had to wrap our day up in one word I would choose heavenly..

The morning began with a beautiful sunrise at 6am. Roosters roosting, goats bleating, and a nice breeze on the balcony while most of the team slept in a little later.

Every morning the Haitian staff from Healing Haiti trickle in before most of us are awake and they begin making the most amazing breakfast from scratch. When I say from scratch I mean fresh squeezed papaya juice or passion fruit, scrambled eggs with chopped up onions, peppers and tomatoes, freshly chopped up avocado and bananas, oatmeal made with condensed milk and cinnamon, and pancakes. We all sit down and do a morning devotion with prayer to get the day going. We surrender the day to The Lord.

As the day got going our serving opportunities were somewhat limited but God had us get creative and serve at the mission house. Team 1 invited us to join in on what would be a piece of heaven on Earth. God had led them to become the hands of feet of Jesus to the Haitian staff that so selflessly serves missionaries week after week. They are so used to serving us that some were reluctant to receive what had been prepared for them. They received facials, a mint for their mouth, massages, foot rubs and hand rubs while Tommy played the guitar, Danielle as our drummer and the rest of us brought praises and worship to the Lord. We sang some songs in Creole and forced pampering on people who received facials and massages for the first time in their life! Although it was difficult to get them in this vulnerable position most of them did not want to get up once they got comfortable. They were extremely thankful and made fun of each other a little bit. What a blessing and honor to serve those who take such great care of us while we are here. They drive us, translate for us, cook, do our laundry, plan our trips and protect. This staff has been amazing and we've enjoyed getting closer with them!! To see all ages, male and female, different cultures and colors come together and love one another as Christ loves us is nothing short of heavenly!!!

The rest of the day we spent in fellowship at the pool mingling and getting to know other members of the team. Bonds have been made. It feels like one big family down here!!
Mesi Jezi

Friday, October 11th

God is so relational. Yesterday morning our teammates assisted with helping the ladies make breakfast. Our team and the kitchen staff enjoyed time together working as a team in creating a meal and building relationships. God offers rest.

The Lord then offered us some down time to rest and wait on Him for His plans for the day. God is able.

God is able to open some paths that seem closed. By late morning,we were able to visit the community center. We played several games and did a number of activities with the kids. The most fun was when the kids painted on us as opposed to us face painting them. God refreshes His people. After returning to the guesthouse several members on both teams walked to a nearby hotel for a refreshing dip in a pool.

Thank you, Lord, for making a way to serve others, for your provision, and for being so good to us.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Today started out with tasty breakfast and prayers on the balcony. We learned that we were going to be serving in a unique and wonderful experience at a local community center called New Hope. This is a place close to the guest house and we learned one of our Healing Haiti staff grew up in this area so that made it even more special.   As we arrived we were welcomed by a director who was happy to see us and LOTS of kids of all ages. Staff decided it was best for us to split up some of the older kids from the younger so a handful of us went to the local basketball court and entertained the teens with our basketball skills or lack thereof. Lol.  We had half american, half Haitian teams. Some played in their flip flops and some in their bare feet. Us Americans wore out way before the teens did!! It was amazing how they could just keep going despite the heat and without drinking water. As we tired and trickled out to the sidelines we were joined with some of the younger teens that showed a lot of interest in us and wanted to communicate in 1 way or another. They began showing us their flexibility and double jointed skills. These kids are so creative and curious. Some walked on their hands, did headstands on the concrete, and even did a El Kempo? Marital arts show for us. They had lots of questions for us and we really enjoyed them.

Back at the building with the smaller kids there was face paintings, a puppet show done in Creole and English and some music played on the guitar. The little kids took great pleasure in decorating some of the Americans faces as well! At the end of our visit we all joined together again to watch the Haitian version of guitar along with mosh pit. It was a new and amazing experience to goers old and new!

After our visit we were able to take a deep breath at Papillion for some smoothies and shopping. It was a nice break from our extensive play time!! A good opportunity to regroup and reenergize.

We all feel really blessed to experience community in the way we have so far this week. Within our team.. With the other team and most of all with the Haitians. Staff and kiddos.

Love is a universal language. A smile. A wink. Just acknowledging "I see you." What an honor to experience a third world country such as Haiti. Such resilience and care for one another here. We could all learn a thing or two from each other if we just put down our difference and shared in each others wisdom.  I would call this: A HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE.

Going to bed with our palms up and ready to serve in whatever way God has for us tomorrow.
Bon nwit

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We praise you God. We praise God for the calm in Delmas.  We launched into a day with a devotion from "Jesus Calling" book and an awesome breakfast cooked by our kitchen staff. We received soul and spiritual food and fuel for the day.

An interesting element is occurring this week.  Both teams have united into one unit.  We are walking shoulder-to-shoulder serving together as the hands and feet of Christ. This started yesterday and is continuing today.  This morning, both teams walked up the street to "harmonies des arts" to shop.  The "harmoines" has metal art, canvas paintings, stone sculptures and wooden nick-knacks.  Next, and uniquely, as only God can plan the week, both teams to the "home for sick and dying children".  The nuns were thrilled to see us and we were excited to assist them. The team jumped right into holding babies, changing diapers, and interacting in various ways with the babies.   We were gifted the opportunity to assist with helping to clean areas of the facility and feed the babies. We were also blessed to sit with each other as one team form differing states and connect with one another.  Then we were able to enjoy some down time at the Elite hotel swimming pool.
A bit of soccer in the street with the neighborhood boys rounded out our day.

"All of you together are Christ's body and each of you is apart of it." 1 Corinthians 12:27
Late posting our first blog - our first day was good.  Our team and the other team united and did 2 water truck stops together. We were told by Alicia and Katie that the Cite Soleil community was excited to see us.  It was intense as usual, but oh so good!

Our team visited the home for sick and dying children, we held and fed the babies. The streets were calm and quiet. Rachael discerned no energy on the streets when we arrived on Monday. I trust the streets will soon be bustling with people.  We have spent each night worshiping the Lord honoring praise to him.  We feel safe and protected as any previous trip - by God's almighty hand.  We will see what the Lord has planned for us each day.  Keep the prayers coming!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Team Tex-io ~ Day 4 ~ July 25, 2019

Thursday, July 25, 2019


This morning we got to serve the Elders of Titanyen just as Christ served his apostles, with a slightly updated twist. We washed their feet, massaged lotion onto them and painted their toenails (all beautiful women). We prayed for them and their families and whatever else was on their hearts. In Haiti, not all elders have a support system and Healing Haiti allows outside people to sponsor elders so that they receive a hot meal, water and visits from missionaries and volunteers. Often the elderly are taken advantage of in Haiti and this system helps alleviate some of the common problems they experience. We noticed that many of the elderly have been tasked with taking care of their grandchildren. One elderly woman we met slept on the floor so that her grandchild could sleep on the bed.   We learned that we experience the same problems even 2,003 (or 1,927 to be more exact) miles apart – the same hopes for our children, same fears and the same spiritual struggles.


This afternoon we went to the Disney Land of Haiti – Grace Village. This is a beautiful place where there is a community clinic, feeding center, church, school and an orphanage that is set up in family style housing. They have a beautiful playground and basketball court. Down the hill from them is a bakery and restaurant that is creating job opportunities for local Haitians. We brought sidewalk chalk and drew pictures and wrote words. Some of the older kids even drew on some of the younger kids heads and arms and Dan's beard. We might not share a common language but we like to laugh at the same things.

Jezi renmen eu – Jesus loves you!
Dan, Tiffany, Ed, Amanda, Logan and Candice

Words of the Day – nasal gas, smoked, 82%, universal, togetherness, calm, timing, whole heartedness

Team Tex-io ~ Day 3 ~ July 24, 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Water truck day! We had the opportunity to deliver water to 3 different districts in Cite Soleil. In most of the districts, there is not access to clean or running water so the organization that we serve with delivers water daily each week, depending on the safety of the area. Every stop consisted of filling tons of buckets, bathtubs, barrels and pals of water and helping carry them to their respective homes. Children tried to play in the water pouring from the large hose but they were swatted or pulled out of the way so the water wouldn't be wasted. This water is used for bathing, drinking and cooking. As the water seemed to run out the people became more chaotic. In a stark contrast, bath time among the children was a team event playing and spashing in large tubs and the smiles on their faces were similar to what we see in the States during Christmas. To think - water... a gift. 
For those who weren't carrying buckets or using the hose to fill the buckets, we had children hanging off of every limb. Younger mothers would come up and ask you to take their baby so they could have a break or so they could carry the water back to their homes. The children would bite, scratch and hit each other to be the one who was being held. I just kept thinking - what made me so worthy to give you love? 


Jezi renmen eu – Jesus loves you!
Dan, Tiffany, Ed, Amanda, Logan and Candice

Words of the Day – maxi pad, gratitute, relationships, team, impact, growth, loved