Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We praise you God. We praise God for the calm in Delmas.  We launched into a day with a devotion from "Jesus Calling" book and an awesome breakfast cooked by our kitchen staff. We received soul and spiritual food and fuel for the day.

An interesting element is occurring this week.  Both teams have united into one unit.  We are walking shoulder-to-shoulder serving together as the hands and feet of Christ. This started yesterday and is continuing today.  This morning, both teams walked up the street to "harmonies des arts" to shop.  The "harmoines" has metal art, canvas paintings, stone sculptures and wooden nick-knacks.  Next, and uniquely, as only God can plan the week, both teams to the "home for sick and dying children".  The nuns were thrilled to see us and we were excited to assist them. The team jumped right into holding babies, changing diapers, and interacting in various ways with the babies.   We were gifted the opportunity to assist with helping to clean areas of the facility and feed the babies. We were also blessed to sit with each other as one team form differing states and connect with one another.  Then we were able to enjoy some down time at the Elite hotel swimming pool.
A bit of soccer in the street with the neighborhood boys rounded out our day.

"All of you together are Christ's body and each of you is apart of it." 1 Corinthians 12:27
Late posting our first blog - our first day was good.  Our team and the other team united and did 2 water truck stops together. We were told by Alicia and Katie that the Cite Soleil community was excited to see us.  It was intense as usual, but oh so good!

Our team visited the home for sick and dying children, we held and fed the babies. The streets were calm and quiet. Rachael discerned no energy on the streets when we arrived on Monday. I trust the streets will soon be bustling with people.  We have spent each night worshiping the Lord honoring praise to him.  We feel safe and protected as any previous trip - by God's almighty hand.  We will see what the Lord has planned for us each day.  Keep the prayers coming!