Monday, June 27, 2016

Orevwa - Jessica

Orevwa means goodbye in Creole, and it's hard to believe it's already time to say goodbye to Haiti.  We are busy packing and getting ready to travel home, but I find myself reflecting deeply upon all the things we are saying goodbye to as we depart this amazing place.

Goodbye to the joy we have seen here which is amazing and is almost unparalleled at home.  We have been fortunate to show love to so many and truly be the hands and feet of Christ here and it only takes a little effort to get big smiles.  True joy comes from knowing you are loved and I only hope we can share that unconditional, never-failing love to Christ with others when we get home.

Goodbye to the beauty that exists here in the diversity we experienced every day.  There are beautiful moments to savor and treasure that you can't even imagine are possible.  Hope is a beautiful thing too, and Healing Haiti is bringing that hope to so many who need it.  

Orevwa seemed to be the hardest word to say as we left each and every site we were fortunate to visit this week.  We left people in conditions that were unimaginable to me before I experienced it myself.  We left people with desperate looks on their faces and we wanted so badly to help more than we felt we did or could.  We also left behind a little part of ourselves with each and every visit.  What we take with us is so much greater and I pray that we can all continue to be strengthened through the many ways God has revealed Himself to us this week.  I am confident of this, there will be a day when we won't have to say goodbye because we will all be together in heaven and we can celebrate and rejoice in Him together forever!

Glwa Pou Bondye!