Thursday, February 28, 2019

Elder Trip: Thursday Mid-Day Worship Feb 28

Hello again from Haiti!
Today was our 3rd day of serving in Titanyen.  We started our day as an entire group with a return visit to one of the elders that we had assessed on Tuesday.  She and her family are experiencing the conclusion of her journey here on Earth.  Our visit consisted of showing love to her and her family, through music, through physical touch, prayer, and interaction with her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Our focus on our trip has been the Elder community here and addressing their issues.  One of the issues (that not many people want to talk about) is end of life issues.  Please be in prayer for her family as her time is not long, and she will be taking up permanent residence in her Heavenly home.
Our next stop was back to Fleri Bakery for another event with our elders.  The plan was to have a local musician and his friend to come and share some music with the elders.  When we rounded the corner into the bakery's lower level, there was not just the musician and his friend, but 2 other musicians set up with a full drum set, an electric piano, electric guitar and 3  GIANT amps.  There was a row of elders already seated right in front of the band, and the music had already started.  We were the late-comers to "our" own event!  Let us say, that this 4-hour music event turned into Thursday mid-day worship!  The elders enjoyed the music, a bakery pastry (or two), and even a few moments when the elders were led to stand up, clap, wave their arms over their heads, and sway their bodies from side to side!  It was Silver Sneakers--Haiti version!  To worship music!
During and after these 4 hours of worship, a few of our other team members were still working on projects for the elder assessments.  One threesome took the trek by foot up the STEEP hillside up to Grace Clinic to finish an assessment on an elder who is staying in the clinic for observation.  Another group went to do a home assessment to find out what home modifications could be made for an         were saying hi to us, and we enjoyed the scenery of the ocean and surrounding mountain.  It occurred to us that this is the real Haiti today.  We have not seen protests this week, but we have seen the effect of the riots on the food supply for the elders.  Haiti and their most vulnerable are still recovering.  Please continue to pray for peace and safety for all.