Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 1 - Arrival to Haiti for Deaf Team 4

For most of our team it was a "welcome home", and anticipation for the rookies.  Our trip to        Port-au-Prince was uneventful - our flights were on time and had no issues at the airports.  No long lines at customs and our luggage made it through inspections.  For some members of the team, they thought they would not be back for 2-3 years, but here they are, twice in ten months!

We hopped on the tap tap, which was an adventure for new team members and a homecoming for past team members.  Both at the airport in Port-au-Prince and at the Healing Haiti guesthouse, we all received a warm welcome from the Haitian and missionary staff.  We absorbed the beauty of the guesthouse property - the atmosphere, flowers, trees, and landscape.

We had our discussion of "word of the day," a hearty meal of Shepherd's Pie, veggies and rolls.  Our icebreaker activity was led by our team leaders and we each shared when we learned sign language.  Some of us started learning when we were 1, 2, 3 years old and others later in life.  With this activity, we quickly found that there are more similarities amongst each other than differences in our experience being exposed to sign language.  Also, we discussed the plan for the week and were reminded that we are on God's time and that plans can change daily.

We ended the evening with sharing stories of adventures from past Healing Haiti Deaf Teams, and how God was always watching and taking care of all of us.  Also, past team members shared stories and memories that will never be forgotten.  

Our team truly appreciates the prayers and support from family and friends - they make a difference.  God hears us.  Please keep them coming!

Tracy, Keith, Pinky, Meredith, Sara, Brenda, Shana, Julie, Laken, Shawn, Lori, Karan