Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 5 Guest house, Leveque, Wahoo Beach, Grace Village and Fleri Pizza

Today was the longest, but most fun filled day of the week.

We had a delicious breakfast - Scrambled eggs, Bananas, Mangoes, and Pancakes. We all packed up our bags and snacks for our outing. We had a prayer circle just before we headed into the Tap Tap. Our first stop was at Haiti Deaf Academy to pick up Bob Lindquist to join us for the day.

We went to see Meredith and Keith's possible guest house once they move to Carbaret to work with HDA. We were in awe to see the place. It has a beautiful kitchen with wooden cupboards and marble style floor and a dining room with nice windows. The bathroom is nice and big with a huge bath tub/shower. They have Solar Panel to use for electricity. It feeds through batteries to use for outlets. We met Shane and his family who live next door.

We went to Leveque to do a Prayer Walk in the deaf community there. We visited four deaf people to talk with and pray for. One needed prayers for more rain so her backyard garden can get water to grow. She showed us some of her embroidery projects. They look very beautiful. One mother has two daughters who are in school and 6 month old twin boys. We were amazed that an 8 year old neighbor girl takes care of the twins while the mother is teaching each afternoon at the Deaf school.

We went to Wahoo Beach to take a break and go swimming. Wahoo Beach is just simply beautiful and amazing with the mountains so close by. We saw stunning hibiscus, Haiti's National Flower, and pixdaus. We swam the afternoon away in a very salty ocean with lots of waves. They had two large trampolines in the water, most of us went on it to just lay under the sun, relax and chat. It was a wonderfully fun activity for the team. We even met another Deaf team serving in Haiti this week with the Mission of Hope organization.

We were also able to squeeze in some time at Healing Haiti's Grace Village in Titanyen. We met with Caroline, who is the director there. She was able to give us a short tour. From its location up toward the mountains there is a breathtaking view back over the ocean. They actually have a garden and grow vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and more. We saw some Haitian kids there as well and saw where the medical and dental clinic are.

Finally, we went to a very colorful Fleri Bakery and Pizza Restaurant near Grace Village. Fleri is owned by Healing Haiti and employs many Haitians. We met the Director of Fleri, Jake Stebbings. That place just opened in January. We were so happy to be able to get a taste of their pizza! We will tell you it is so delicious!!! 

We had a wonderful and funfilled day, beautifully made by God.   :)