Monday, July 23, 2018

Day 1 Team 3 (M&M) Micki and Marcia's Team

Haiti Day 1 – Arrival Day Monday July 23, 2018

We made it down to Haiti, without any major incidents – Thank you Jesus.  That is a good way to start the trip.  Our group was divided by routes – half our group traveling through Atlanta and half of our group traveling through Miami.  Then there are our 3 Texan Goers who met us in Atlanta and traveled the rest of the Journey with us.

We all agreed it was not as hot as we expected it to be when we got here.  If you have been in Minnesota over the past couple of weeks, the humidity has been through the roof – I think the same in Texas. 

We got settled into our rooms, got acquainted, had tacos for dinner and then headed to the Elite Hotel for a cool down in the pool.

Tomorrow we start our journey in serving throughout Haiti.  We will be visiting an orphanage and going into Cite Soleil.  Each team member will take turns helping with our blogs (so we hope) and including some pictures.

Micki and Marcia