Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Jacmel - Water Truck Day

The day started with a great breakfast of Haitian omelets (egg-stuffed bread), oatmeal, mango, and bananas and amazing fresh-squeezed juice.  The weather was beautiful and there is a good feeling in the air in Haiti.  We had devotions out on the patio using the song So Will I (100 billion times) - "all creation praises your so will I." 

We donned our lime green water truck shirts and prepared to go to Cite Soleil (Sun City) in Kreyol.  Cite Soleil is home to over 400,000 people in 8 square miles - higher per capita than Manhattan, NY and all on one level.  It being on the bay there are no wells close by because they would pump out salt water so all water has to be trucked in.  Healing Haiti delivers over 87,000 gallons per week free of charge to the residents in Cite Soleil. It is always a beautiful time to play with the children, help carry water into the homes, unload the water into the buckets and tubs that they bring, hold the babies and take lots of photos!  It takes about an hour to unload the water and can be very busy and chaotic. 

We took a break in Hope Church, which is located in Cite Solei, while the water truck went to refill. After this we unloaded another truck load of water in a different section of CS.  Then we went to visit the Fleri Farm which is a ministry of Healing Haiti about 10 minutes down the road in a very fertile section of Port-au-Prince.  Sylveus gave us a tour of the farm and pointed out different crops. The goal of the farm is to produce crops that can help feed the school children and be used at Grace, Hope and the guesthouses. In addition they would like to find a market and buy from local farmers in order to elevate the Haitian farmers in the area.  

We had another great Haitian dinner we went up to the hotel to swim and relax. We had a blast playing Farkle and Alicia who was near the bottom in points snuck up on us to become the high winner!  We joined the other team for 'keep the ball in the air' in the pool and it was rowdy and fun!

Kimberly and Kathleen