Monday, September 25, 2017

Travel Day

I have been waiting for this day since November of 2013.  On my first trip to Haiti there were two teams that came down.  Between the two teams there were a total of 3 men.  The lack of men going to Haiti really stuck out to me . 8 months later I went on my second team; out of the 16 people there were 3 men.  God started to work on my heart; pushing me way out of my comfort zone.  Finally, last April, I decided I was going to follow His lead.  It was time to lead the 1st All Men team through Healing Haiti.  So without having a clue who would join, I applied to lead a team. I sent out a few texts to friends, I posted on facebook.  The response was less than ideal.  I started to wonder if this would even be possible.  Then out of the blue I got my first response, then another and by July it was clear we would have a team. 

The day finally came and we woke up this morning at 2 am to head to the airport. (Huge thank you to our two UBER drivers Andrew and Pete Carlson...Even though some question AC's driving methods... we all arrived safely ;)  It was an amazing site to see 8 men walk through the doors on a mission from God with 16 50lb bags of donations in hand.  In my 8 trips, I have never experienced a smoother travel day to Haiti.  We grabbed a little bite to eat in Atlanta then boarded the plane to Haiti. 

When we arrived at the guest house, I gave a quick tour. It didn't take long, this group was ready to get to work. We started to separate the donations and got them stored away in their proper place. Grace (one of the fulltime missionaries) made the comment, "how the heck did you guys get so much stuff!"

During devotions we talked about how God knew this team would be here long before any of us. We were all chosen by God for this specific team.  We discussed how we would all need to have "Open Palms" as we went through the week. Allow God to give us all he had planned.

Tomorrow will be one of the most difficult days of our week long trip. We will be visiting a home for elderly people who are sick and in some cases very close to death.  Please pray that we are able to be hope filled lights of our great King. 

Words Of the Day:

Jeremy: Return
Ben: Anticipation
Mark: Anxious
Jason: Boat
Josh: Familiar
Lt: Love
Ryan: Unreal
Jeff: Trust