Saturday, February 25, 2017

Serving Beautiful Kids

Started day #4 of serving in Haiti by attending Church on the Rock at 6 AM. Service was mostly praise and worship, majority in Creole, but some worship/hymns in English.  Very moving service, some of us saw familiar faces from previous attendance there.  Haitians worship with great expression & emotion, very friendly to us and welcoming.

We then ate a great breakfast again, and drove to the Home for Sick & Dying Children.  Spent our time holding sick babies, changing a few diapers, and got to feed them as well.  Great to see that most of the kids had parents who visited them today, including several dads as well as the moms.  Several of the babies’ faces will be hard to forget.

Stopped back at our Guest House for a lunch snack, then drove through heavy traffic to Dio’s Special Needs Orphanage.  Saw many smiling faces of kids with physical and/or developmental disabilities.  Tried to pay attention to each child with various activities including blowing bubbles, chalk drawing on the concrete courtyard, playing with a colored parachute, and kicking around a soccer ball with those able.  Saw kids helping each other out and very thankful for our visit.  Again multiple faces and smiles that will be remembered.

Traffic heavier today as people are arriving in Port-au-Prince for Carnival which begins Sunday for 3 days, ending by Ash Wednesday.

Tom & John