Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 3 - A Beautiful Sunrise and Water Truck Day in Cite Soleil

Today was the famous Water Truck Day!  Three stops in Cite Soleil.  We saw Hope Church and School.  We were asked our names over and over again.  This is the first trip where the people in Cite Soleil actually asked if our team members were Deaf.  We answered, "Yes, we are".  After that the residents began gesturing with us and we communicated very well.

Visting Hope Church and hearing about its impact in the community was a highlight.  The church opened one year ago and the school opened last fall.  There are currently 160 - 200 Kindergarten students being taught by Haitian teachers.  Another wonderful fact is the bread the students eat with their meal is baked by Healing Haiti's Fleri Boulanje.  School meal prep also provides more jobs for local Haitians.  They also teach Adult Literacy classes.  Two classes of adults have already graduated and there will be many more to follow. We see so much progress around Hope Church!!

Several team members awakened early enough to see the sunrise.  And soon we will all retire after a wonderful, but exhausting day.  Thanks again for your prayers for all of us as we serve here in Haiti.