Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 4- Peace Cycle, Haiti Muesum and LaLoo Orphanage

Before we left for the day, we had a prayer circle.  Then we hopped on the TapTap for another adventure.   We stopped at Peace Cycle, where they recycle small plastic water bags and make them into beautiful things, such as tote bags, purses, and other useful items.   When we first arrived, the owner was not there yet so one of the Haitan staff explained the process to us.  They collect water bags and clean them, then re-use them.  They showed the process from start to finish.  The woman who founded the business was on a mission trip in 2001 and saw all the bags all over and thought what could be done to make a difference.  It was amazing how everything works and how we can use these recycled items. They make about 20 different products - purses, tote bags, aprons, wallets, wine bottle totes, storage bins, zipper pouches, placemats, and other items.  Check out for more information.

After we left Peace Cycle we headed to the Haitian muesum.  We got to see different parts of Port Au Prince on our way and asked our translator what things were.   We were fascinated and enjoyed how he answered our questions.  The museum was very interesting, we learned the history of the country and how it started.  Most of us learned new facts.  And the museum was Air Conditioned!  It was really nice to have that but it was a beautiful day.  We also saw where the President of Haiti lives close to the museum.

Our next stop was Laloo Orphanage. We waited for a little because the children were still in school.  We had much joy when the kids arrived, their eyes opened wide and showing huge smiles.   The team played and interacted with the kids.   Most of the kids loved horse back riding on one of team members and many wanted a turn.  One student braided one team member's hair.  We played soccer with the kids outside.  It was like a big family. There was so many heartfelt moments during the time we were there.  There is one deaf boy who lives at the orphanage. He does not sign much at all, only very basic signs.  Some of us taught him several basic words and how to spell his name.  It was fun to watch all the children there. Most of the team used gestures with the children and we noticed that most of them used gestures with the deaf boy.   Most of the team members were in awe with all the hugs we got from the children as we left.  The deaf boy ran to one team member and gave a hug.  That really touched our hearts.  We feel very blessed when we can make a child smile. We all are God's children.  It does not matter where we came from, we all are HIS children.