Wednesday, June 22, 2016

God is so good, He's SO good - Jessica

For anyone who has ever been to Haiti on a trip, you have most likely experienced "Water Truck Day."  This post is not for you.  You already know how crazy, amazing, beautiful, and chaotic it is.  You already know what to expect going into a day like I experienced today.  This post is for the rest of you.  Those who can't even begin to imagine what this is like.  If that is you, please read on.  (Even if you have been here and experienced it, I bet you will get it too so feel free to read on).

So as I mentioned, we had "Water Truck Day" today, which consists of us following an old milk truck that has been converted to haul 3,500 gallons of water into the streets of Cite Soleil, where they have no access to water.  Not just no plumbing, no running water, but no other access at all to clean water.  There was a moment pulling into the city where I realized that I could see women and children running along side our Tap Tap and carrying buckets and trying to beat the line because once the water runs out, it is out and we have to move on the the next site and empty the next water truck.  I was overwhelmed and realized in that moment that we are all blessed immeasurably.  Even if someone lives in these conditions, or what we know back home.  We are blessed to have an opportunity to serve these people that so desperately need us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  They are blessed and grateful to receive our support in many ways, but today, it was all about water.

The scene was almost unimaginable to me as we arrived, even though I had been prepared ahead of time.  Garbage everywhere, a smell you can hardly imagine, slums and poverty line the streets of this city, but what we were there to do was so much bigger, so much more important that focusing on that in the moment.  We were there to deliver water.  Life-giving, life-sustaining, and all too precious a commodity for these Haitians.  I will never look at water the same again.  After the last stop, I will never look at a port-a-potty the same again because one family used an old tank to fill up with their water and that is something I will not forget!

A young girl at our third stop of the day grabbed on to me and would not let go.  This is not much different than all the other stops of the day because we were all practically human jungle gyms.  The only time she let me set her down was to go help with the hose on the water truck.  Anyway, this little girl had absolutely no clothes on but some pink sandals on her feet and she and I didn't speak the same language, but I picked her up and we bonded.  We bonded over a few short phrases I have learned in Creole (one of which is "Ou Pote m'" and means "You carry me?") and she knew this one unmistakable fact that she sang in a joyous song over and over with me: God is so good, is so good, is so good, God is!  Our lives are so completely different in every possible way but one: we both love a great God!


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