Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 4 - Eagle Brook Woodbury

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Another terrific day in Haiti. . . so many emotions, so much compassion, such humbled servants of Christ.

Difficult to find the words to describe our forever changing experience!!!!

The day began with another exceptional breakfast by our hosts and helping team members, including Jason on egg duty and Mike flipping pancakes. He even made a special Mickey Mouse pancake for Becki!

Our first stop of the day was to the amazing Grace Village in Titanyen which means "less than nothing." This is a village that Healing Haiti started a few years ago for orphans. Clearly God is at work here for today it is now a flourishing self sufficient community including a school for 500 kids, a full service clinic, dormitories, family style homes, feeding center, play grounds, library, and a church. Our group toured the grounds and the soon to be opened bakery which will provide many jobs for Haitians.

As the school children came out for lunch, the fun really began. Running towards us with open arms, their beautiful brown eyes & smiles were matched only by the excitement in their voices.
Despite lunch being served, they still wanted to first be held and played with in addition to displaying much curiosity with our sunglasses.

Our next stops were opportunities for us to be humble servants of Christ as we visited the homes of 3 of the community Elders.  At each of the visits we provided them with food and drink, as well as music and songs while we washed the hands and feet of these beautiful people.
What a spiritually changing experience!

We first visited a woman who was 91 years old who so wanted to dance it made it difficult to wash her feet! Her contagious spirit inspired us all.  The second stop we were warmly greeted with hugs.
In addition to the hand and feet washing, Paula was able to paint the sweet lady's fingernails! She chose purple which symbolizes spirituality, dignity, and wisdom.  Lastly we had the pleasure of visiting with a gentle man sitting by himself in his yard under a beautiful tree. He enjoyed the music and so did many of his neighbors as they came to listen and observe. The universal language of music and touch provides a powerful message of love. Everyone in our group could feel this today.

Processing the thoughts, questions, emotions, and spirituality following a day like this is challenging to say the least. We experienced hope, we experienced grace, and we experienced God's love, and one thing for certain.......we received much more than we were able to give.................

Michael and Paula Burns    

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