Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Day 2 - Men's Home, Orphanage & Haitian Traffic

So not a steller day for the leader 1st forgot hand sanitizer, 2nd totally stunk at Bags, 3rd forgot to do the blog entry. Everyone is in bed and the computer is locked so a really long Facebook post will have to do. (I'm doing this on my phone so please forgive the grammar errors.)

Today started off with an amazing breakfast. Over my many trips to Haiti I have fallen in love with the kitchen staff. They are selfless and take such good care of us.

Then it was off to a ho...me for sick and dying elderly. As you can imagine for most men the thought of rubbing lotion all over another man doesn't rank that high on the want to do list. But when we got there every team member jumped right in. Many of these Haitian men lay on a bed with out any physical touch or conversation for days at a time. The smiles and thank yous told us all how much it means to have some one show they still matter to God.

The next stop was an orphanage were we spent time playing with about 20 kids all below the age of 5. The parachute games were a huge hit but the number one thing these kids wanted was to be held. As I watched my team I was so proud how they did everything they could to make sure every child felt loved. Sometimes this would mean holding two kids while a 3rd held your leg and the 4th was waiting for you to blow more bubbles.

The drive home was not ideal. The drive should have taken 45 mins but Haitian traffic is no joke so 2 hours later we arrived back home.

Finally we took a quick trip to the Delimart to grab some snacks. Devotions was a great time of conversation. We ended the night with a Bags tournament. See first paragraph for how the leader did.

Words of the Day
Josh: Contrast
Jeff: Smile
Jason: Abnormal
Ben: Cuddle
Ryan: Relief.
Jeremy: Laughter
Lt: Trust.
Mark: genuine

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