Saturday, June 2, 2018

Fridays Haitian Church, Mass Grave Site, Fleri Bakery, Grace Village and Elder Visit

Good Evening Family and Friends,

Wow did we have such an amazing packed full Day! Colleen, Max and Ro started the 6am morning off with the Haitian Church Service then woke the rest of clan up to head to Fleri Bakery and Grace Village. Jake gave us a awesome tour of the Bakery and Don did great showing and telling us about the history of Grace Village and the hug amount of growth that Healing Haiti has been able to establish for the Haitian Culture. Ro got to meet her Sponsor child that was at school at the time during our Grace Village/School tour! Our Service adventure Started with Visiting our Elder's! Filozia, Monique, Pierres and his wife Lauremise are all doing very well and I was able to have the privilege to pray over each one of them! We Finished our incredible day off with Pizza, fellowship and corn hole at Fleri Bakery! What a Fun Fill Blessed day we have! I am so thankful the Lord has orchestrated this Team, He has given each and every one of us the ability to be his hands and feet and share his everlasting Love to the Haitians! God is so Good!!!!

Ro 😘

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