Monday, October 1, 2018


Water Truck Day

I started the day out with devotions as the sun rose. Coffee, by the way is excellent.  So peaceful, listening to the roosters competing to wake everyone up. It’s hot already, but there is a breeze.

Our first stop is at stop 17. Our small group of 8 women are ready to go. Thank God for our drivers, Smith and Lucnar. Masses of people, at times, chaotic. I was proud of our group, everyone worked nonstop, filling buckets of water, holding babies with older siblings competing for individual attention. Not one person complained about the smell, the heaviness of the water buckets, or the heat.

Our second stop, was at stop 26, same thing, but at the end we are rewarded with a stroll down the pier. The children happily follow, people fishing, kids joyfully jumping in the water.

We came back, showered and headed off to the grocery store. Fun was had by all, checking out the different products they offer in Haiti. Purchased some gluten-free noodles, Mountain Dew, yogurt, chips, etc. Upstairs of the grocery store is like a small Target.

Ended our day relaxing, word of the day and devotions.

Ann Donovan (group leader)

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