Saturday, March 2, 2019

Saturday- Cite Soleil in Hope Church! March 2nd

Saturday - Day 2 of Cite Soleil Elders

Today, we did what we set out to do!  This was the first time an event like this had been attempted in Cite Soleil and it exceeded our guarded expectations.  Our plan for the day was to establish a clinic-like setting in Hope Church.  We set up different stations for elders to be assessed by nurses, therapists, and social workers.  There was also a station that offered hand/foot washing and massage.  Each elder was greeted at  the door as they arrived, then were walked to one of the stations, where they were met by our team members as well as one of our interpreters. When no stations were available, they were welcome to sit and listen and participate in worship songs and each were offered water, juice, and crackers.  All in all, we completed assessments on 14 of the elders in Cite Soleil! 
After the assessments were completed, we all joined with the elders for a brief session of worship songs and prayer over the elders, the pastors, and Hope Church.

Then it was back to the guest house for us.  It was bitter-sweet to unload the tap-tap, knowing that our time serving in Haiti was completed.  BUT!  Our hearts were grateful that we had completed the tasks that we had come here to do.

So . . . it was off to Pappillion Marketplace for some SERIOUS shopping, smoothies and snacks!  We definitely found a way to stimulate the Haitian economy :) 

We will be headed back to Titanyen tomorrow morning to attend Grace Church, then will likely find a way to a beach for a little bit of R & R! 

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