Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Family Team Day 2 / 7.16.19

Hey friends and family

Today we started off with some delicious breakfast. The first thing we did is we went to Dios
If you are wondering what Dios is it is a special needs orphanage where kids and teens stay! When we got to Dios we started playing with the kids and teens and also the toys that we brought.

After that, we went to Papillon where they sold neckless, earrings, bracelets, etc. We got a tour of the “factory” where everything they made was handmade. Then we finished off our visit with a refreshing smoothie. Then we got into the tap-tap and left.


The final thing we did today was going to a hospital for sick and dying babies. Our initial thoughts were that we had no clue what to expect. When we first entered half of the babies stood up in their cribs and outreached their arms because of how attention starved they are. One of the first things we did there was help the care takers feed the babies. After that we just held them, played with them and brought them outside. Saying goodbye was the hardest part but what helped us cope with the sadness of leaving them was remembering the smiles we were able to put on their faces.
~Emma and Genna

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