Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Day #3 - Papillon, Teach Haiti, Home for Sick and Dying

Day 3

Today the team started the day at Papillon, an organization that focuses on job creation for parents so that they will not be forced to give their children up for economic reasons. There, artisans are creating all types of goods, from pottery to textile goods. Each of them a master in their craft. After the tour, we did some shopping and enjoyed frozen beverages on their patio.

Our next stop was Teach Haiti, a school started by a Haitian woman who came to Minnesota for college, and returned home to teach students who otherwise couldn't afford it. The students all have massive vision and dreams, the most common career aspirations were doctor, engineer, chemist, soccer player, and lawyer. These students were incredibly smart and so welcoming to us. They all are learning English, French and some Spanish along with Kreyol.

After a short rest at the guesthouse our team visited the Home for Sick and Dying Babies. Though the name is discouraging, the children being treated there made everyone smile. These kids are primarily malnourished, and some are being treated for serious health concerns. The team fed babies, and held those who wanted to be held, and many were able to go out and play on the playground with out team. This visit came with many mixed emotions for our team. They so badly want to help, yet the need in Haiti is overwhelming. What they are beginning to see is how we need Haiti, not to "fix it", but rather to fix us. We are the ones being changed this week. Not one of these team members will leave unchanged.

I am so grateful for this family, and that Taylor and I get the privilege of serving alongside them this week. God is doing some really cool stuff in and through each of them.


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