Friday, December 7, 2018

Day #4 - Orphanages and ASL School

Anyone that has been on a tour to Sweet Home or No Place like Home Orphanage will remember the story told about the Forget me Not tree. The director tells how we as American’s come visit and love the children then pass

under the Forget me not tree and go back to the states to live our lives forgetting about Haiti and its children.  I don’t believe we ever forget any of the children we have encountered. What I do think is we may want to forget because the pain felt while here is too much to bear. The love you see in each of the children’s eyes brings so much joy. 

Visiting three orphanages today left us feeling joyful and relieved as we see all the children truly being caring for. Our first stop was Sweet Home where the children smiled and ran around giggling. Our next stop was a special needs orphanage where there were a number of children of varying abilities. A few young men used walkers and were very quick with the soccer ball. All five children on our team interacted with the children with love and care. They assisted the kids with watercolor painting, building towers with blocks, and playing soccer of course. Our last stop was to Montfort Deaf School which was a favorite for some of our second time teammates. Here we communicated with them with some basic signs. It is always amazing as these children are so intuitive and ask so many questions as what child belongs to what parent and how old we are. 


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