Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Water Truck Day

We stopped at three districts in Cite Soleil, which is the poorest slum in the western hemisphere. There we delivered free water, carried water buckets to people’s “homes”, and most importantly, gave the kids attention. Since most parents are more focused on finding food or any kind of work, they don’t give their own kids the love and attention that all kids need. At ALL times, there was either a bucket or a kid, or both, in our hands and arms. We also visited Haitian Initiative, an organization thats provides over three hundred kids a day with a Feed My Starving Children meal, schooling, and soccer skills.

I also enjoyed our time at the new Hope Church and school.  Transforming this former dump, burial ground and bathroom into a vision of hope for Cite Soleil kids to attend school and for everyone to learn about our God’s amazing love and grace is breathtaking.  It is exciting to think about how this ministry will develop.

I must also say that not only I (Sam's mother) was thinking that Sam (our in country co-leader) was a rock star. Everywhere we went we heard “saam, saam, saam” and he was swarmed by kids, adults, and many beautiful Haitian women who consider Sam their boyfriend.  What a day to meet make new friends including Sam’s Haitian family.

Danny & Lynn