Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 6 Water Truck Part Two

This will not be my finest effort. It's 1:30 am and its blog time ;)

How can it be Saturday night already?

Seems like just yesterday we were boarding a plane in MSP.  Such is life on a short term missions trip.

Today was our last day serving the people of Haiti. It's hard to even type that.  This team has been absolutely amazing in every way imaginable. I am so blessed they allowed me to lead them.

We started off the day by meeting up with the water truck Citi Soleil. 

Delivery water to Citi Soleil is not something you can describe in a blog, honestly it's not something that can be describe. It can only be experienced. The poverty in this community is something you feel, taste and it overwhelms you.  The people are just as overwhelming with their love, smiles and hugs. The kids start chanting "Hey You" "Hey You" and as Jason put it you almost feel like a rock star getting off the Tap Tap.

But this team isn't coming to put on a show. They got right to work filling buckets and loving on kids. Ben, Ryan and Mark typically were caring 2 kids and 2 buckets.  Jason and Jeff handled the bucket filling and crowd control. Josh played soccer and it seem like it was him verses the entire neighborhood.  I started with my magic show (as always) and then moved to the bucket line to give support.

After the first stop we heading to visit Hope Church.  It always takes my breath away to stand in that church and remember back to the first time I stood on that trash heap and some one said we are going to build a church here. I thought to myself "Good One that's never gonna happen." This is why God is God and I am not.

The 2nd stop was by far the most chaotic.  The people were extremely desperate for water and you could feel the tension as we started to fill the buckets.  The Haitian people were never rude or angry they were just in desperate need of water. I kept reminding my team "Have patience they are just desperate for water."

3rd stop was a complete 180 from stop 2.  They were working together to make sure each family got the water that was needed.  We emptied the truck and there wasn't any buckets left empty.

For me the highlight of the whole day happened as I headed back to the Tap Tap to head out.  A boy probably 10 years old came and pulled my shoulder.  He put his hand to shake mine looked me right in the eye and said "Thank you so much for bring the water".  It took my breath away.  In my 8 trips to Haiti I have never had a person say Thank you like that to me in English.  As I sit here typing it brings tears to my eye. It might be the most genuine Thank You I have ever received.

Sorry for the lame blog but I am tired and ready for bed.  Tomorrows blog you will not want to miss ;)

Words of the Day:

Josh: Servant
Ryan: Smile
Ben: Safilia
LT: My People
Mark: Want
Jeff: Bike
Jason: Buenos
Jeremy: Thank You