Sunday, December 9, 2018

Day#6 - Play Date!

We went back to Cite Soleil this morning. No water truck today, we were just there to play with the children. 
While many kids played soccer or jump rope, some of the girls started playing with my hair and combing it. It bothered me that they used their own comb. I prayed that I would not get lice from this experience. Then the comb dropped in the gutter, which is their sewer, so I said no when they went to pick the comb out of the gutter. The little girl that was sitting on my lap did not want to get off, because she was afraid someone else would take her place. The call came that it was time to leave, so the little girl had to get off. 

Back to the guest house to shower and get ready for the next orphanage. This orphanage consisted off a Pastor’s family that had six children, they took in 18 more children after the 2010 earthquake; so, a total of 23 children. These children were very well behaved, they loved to the coloring books and loved using the water colors. One fellow instead of coloring found bland paper and traced the whole coloring book, I was very impressed with Him. They did good job of cleaning up after themselves. They played basketball, but not in a basket. There was a hole in the wall near the ceiling.  Some children were playing soccer in the side lot.
Always in Haiti there is a soccer game being played.

We ended the day at a swimming pool near the guest house, which was very refreshing.

Mona and Joe