Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beckman Team - Thursday

Hello. Here we are at day four. After seeing the pictures that Jamie, Caitlin, and Briana brought back and the stories they told, I was still not very prepared mentally for what we would be experiencing. I have been amazed at the beauty of the culture and still saddened by the immense poverty. We have had a lot of experiences already, even just in the short time we’ve been here; from serving water to the impoverished in Cite Soleil, to washing the feet of the elders in Titanyen, visiting the Hope Village Orphanage and the mass grave memorial. It’s been very eye opening to see people living in such poverty but finding happiness in the simplest of things. Some of them seem happier than many of the people we see every day in America who have so much.
This is just another example that ‘things’ don’t bring happiness. When providing water in Cite Soliel, the kids find so much joy in just being held. We have been able to visit several separate locations that Healing Haiti has helped start businesses that are giving jobs to Haitians to support their community. We have heard so many stories of people who have been blessed buy the opportunity to have a job and begin to financially support their family.

Apparent Project was founded because so many parents were having to give up their kids for adoption just because they couldn’t afford to keep them. Apparent Project gives them a job and provides day care so they can work and keep their family together. God is doing amazing things through people here in Haiti. It has been great to share this experience with Caitlin (who says everyday how much she loves Haiti and the people here), as well as make some new friends (some Haitian & and some of my American team members). Most of all, I’m so thankful for the blessings in my life don’t want to take any of it for granted.
-          Michael  Shell

I was supposed to go to Haiti last year but God had different plans. I was so excited to go but unfortunately my passport did not come in in time for us to leave. I am here now and I absolutely love it! Today was the second day of water truck and it was so much different than the first day. We went to new spots so they didn’t expect us to help them or hold their children; it was so amazing to watch their faces light up when we offered to help them. We also went to Apparent Project ( ) and got to see all of the amazing things that they are doing for the parents and children of Haiti. I have grown such an amazing love for this country and its people. They are so trusting and kind in all situations and I think that it is something that I need to learn from them and apply to my own life. I’m very excited to see what else I learn and that I can take back home. These people have gained a huge place in my heart and I can’t wait to keep coming back many times.

-Madison Munger