Thursday, October 10, 2019

Today started out with tasty breakfast and prayers on the balcony. We learned that we were going to be serving in a unique and wonderful experience at a local community center called New Hope. This is a place close to the guest house and we learned one of our Healing Haiti staff grew up in this area so that made it even more special.   As we arrived we were welcomed by a director who was happy to see us and LOTS of kids of all ages. Staff decided it was best for us to split up some of the older kids from the younger so a handful of us went to the local basketball court and entertained the teens with our basketball skills or lack thereof. Lol.  We had half american, half Haitian teams. Some played in their flip flops and some in their bare feet. Us Americans wore out way before the teens did!! It was amazing how they could just keep going despite the heat and without drinking water. As we tired and trickled out to the sidelines we were joined with some of the younger teens that showed a lot of interest in us and wanted to communicate in 1 way or another. They began showing us their flexibility and double jointed skills. These kids are so creative and curious. Some walked on their hands, did headstands on the concrete, and even did a El Kempo? Marital arts show for us. They had lots of questions for us and we really enjoyed them.

Back at the building with the smaller kids there was face paintings, a puppet show done in Creole and English and some music played on the guitar. The little kids took great pleasure in decorating some of the Americans faces as well! At the end of our visit we all joined together again to watch the Haitian version of guitar along with mosh pit. It was a new and amazing experience to goers old and new!

After our visit we were able to take a deep breath at Papillion for some smoothies and shopping. It was a nice break from our extensive play time!! A good opportunity to regroup and reenergize.

We all feel really blessed to experience community in the way we have so far this week. Within our team.. With the other team and most of all with the Haitians. Staff and kiddos.

Love is a universal language. A smile. A wink. Just acknowledging "I see you." What an honor to experience a third world country such as Haiti. Such resilience and care for one another here. We could all learn a thing or two from each other if we just put down our difference and shared in each others wisdom.  I would call this: A HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE.

Going to bed with our palms up and ready to serve in whatever way God has for us tomorrow.
Bon nwit