Friday, March 10, 2017

Stop for the One

Today, was our first full-day out in the field, and it was incredible! We began the day with a devotion titled “Stop for the One.” This devotion focused on the need to notice the worth of the person in front of you, and to never forget the power of just being willing to stop for one. It also reminded us that God intentionally places individuals in our paths. Our prayer, our conversation, our smile or lingering act of service for one is extremely valuable to God.

This morning, we spent several hours at the “Home for Sick & Dying Babies.” Although the need was great, we focused our attention on a handful of children who needed our care and love. It is always heart-breaking to see children suffering, but it was comforting to see our team focus on specific individuals and really give everything they had to the one child they were holding.

In the afternoon, we visited Dare’s special needs orphanage. This is always an emotionally challenging and frustrating visit, but God likes to stretch us and take us out of our comfort zone. The kids were great and full of energy and excitement with our visit. We did everything from parachute games to sidewalk chalk to wheelchair races, but the visit was really topped by the singing! It was amazing to watch Hailey sing along side some of the older children. As Hailey said there isn’t a language barrier music can’t overcome J

Tomorrow we have another emotionally charged day with a visit to the “Home for Sick & Dying Adults.” Please keep the prayers and well wishes coming…