Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Day 2: Teach Haiti, Dios, Papillion

Today’s word of the day was “joy.” The people in Haiti radiate joy that becomes infectious. Our day today started out with a trip to a local school serving children grades K-10. We had the opportunity to interact in the classroom and were very impressed with their French and love for education. We were able to create friendship bracelets together and communicate through the human connection. Something that will be taken away from the experience there today was how view vacation. Most students in the USA look forward to vacation and leaving school, but the students at this school want to continue learning, getting nourished, and being with their friends.

One really inspiring piece of today was the commerce of Haiti. Having dinner out and trying new food was something that was surprising. Lunch was a smoothie from Papillion, and it tasted delightful. Our last stop today was Dios, an orphanage for special needs children. We sang songs with the children and danced with them. After our visit, the team was touched by the connection we made through our short time there.

Going back to the word of the day, joy. The Haitian people are filled with true joy and that is something we can take away when we leave. Are we living our life with joy regardless if we are having a good day or bad day? Joyous people don’t get bogged down with the challenges of daily life, but appreciate the good in every day.