Monday, December 10, 2018

Final Day

Day 7
Today was our final full day in Haiti, it is hard to say goodbye to this beautiful country. Our week here has been such a blessing to have had the chance to serve and love on the people of Haiti. And to be loved on in return.  We have so many fond memories to take home with us, the faces, people and experiences we’ve had here in Haiti. The countless stories we’ve heard from people about their families, hardships, interests and dreams. This week has shown me that there is no dream or prayer too big for God to answer. 

As for our last day here, we went to church up at Grace Village. It was great to have the Creole and English translation during the service. 
After church let out we headed to Wahoo Bay for a little fun in the sun and some rest & relaxation. The water was a beautiful crystal clear blue color. We nearly had the whole beach to ourselves. The kids on our team spent almost the whole time jumping on the trampoline, while the adults swam for a bit, then watched from the shoreline.

At 3pm we headed back to guest house to pack our things to head back to the states. Praying for smooth and safe travels home tomorrow. As well as for wellness for some team members who aren’t feeling the greatest. 

Until next time,