Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Word of Life – Day 3
Today started off with the daily team breakfast, a quick pack up, and a short but sweet devotional. Then we headed out to Grace Village where we spent a large portion of our day. We had the pleasure of serving the women at Grace by putting on spa day and presenting a Bible lesson to the kids after a lottt of playing! The kids were full of energy as always. It was a day filled with lots of dancing and crafts. Our ladies really enjoyed pampering the family style home mothers at Grace and reflecting on how awesome it was to see these women embracing their beauty.
Today was a day where our team really started to come together. People are starting to get more comfortable and the ice is definitely breaking. We shared a lot of laughs and many interesting debates. The group dynamic is proving to create a super fun and encouraging environment. We have gotten to hear more in depth about each other’s stories and talk open and honestly about life and our experiences throughout the day. We have lots of great personalities within the group, including a lot of loving caretakers and insightful minds. Everyone seems to be really enjoying the company and fellowship not only with our singular team, but the 3 teams staying at the Guesthouse for the week.
The Haitian staff here is also proving to be a highlight for the week. The men and women are constantly making us laugh and so kindly letting us participate in their culture. It has been great to see the body of Christ as a greater whole here in Haiti.
After some restful time at the pool, we headed back down to the Guesthouse and on the way saw some of the street kids playing again. It was precious to see how they so quickly recognized us and lit up. My favorite memory from the day was that one of the young girls from the street remembered a little cheer we did yesterday chanting, “Jezi remen ou!” (Jesus loves you!) while throwing our hands into the air. She put her hand in the middle ready to do the chant before we left. It was awesome! Anytime one of the kids says the name of Jesus we smile😊. The team is looking forward to the rest of the week and all the adventures it will bring. God is always faithful and always working!