Friday, July 27, 2018

Day 5 Team 3 (M&M)

Tent Church AKA Church on the Rock

Today we started our day at Tent Church.  It was a beautiful time watching many people with hands raised in the air singing and praising the name of Jesus.  Even though many of us can’t understand the language, seeing people reach out to heaven and singing His praises is a universal sign for every language.

Mass Graves

Next, we visited the Mass Graves.  After the devastating earthquake January 12, 2010 (7.5 on the Richter Scale), there were so many people that died, there was not enough cemetery space or time to bury all the dead.  So the government identified a location that was uninhabited and had the bodies brought to the mass grave site.  Almost everyone in Haiti was impacted by the earthquake losing a family member or someone they knew.  Besides those that died, many people were severely injured.  Many didn’t know what to do when the earthquake hit since they had never experienced one before.  It was a somber visit and we prayed for the souls of the lost and the families still grieving from their loss.

Grace Village

Next, we visited Grace Village Orphanage, which emphasizes the importance of an environment in which children can live in a family environment (in family style housing), thrive, go to school, as well as sustain themselves with a bakery and hydroponic garden. They teach students from Kindergarten (3 grades of kindergarten) to grade 13.  It was so wonderful to see the kids smiling and laughing in an environment that will help them grow into successful adults.

Elder Visits, Titanyen, Haiti

We finished the day with elder visits.  We went around the village visiting elders, delivering food and supplies to them as well as washing their feet and finishing with prayer requests. We met Saintane, a 55-year-old woman with 8 children and 29 grandchildren, as well as Charite, a 66 year old woman who has 4 children and 1 granddaughter. Flerisaine was gone to the market during our visit, but we had the opportunity to meet Marie as well, a 70 year old woman who cares for 2 of her grandchildren.  It’s so beautiful to be able to show God’s love to these elder women by washing their feet, painting their nails, and singing to them.

We continue to be open to God, allowing Him to use us as His hands and feet to show love and compassion to the people of Haiti.
- Rachel and Doug