Sunday, July 21, 2019

Family Team / Day 7 / 7.21.19

Today was a bitter sweet day, as it is our last full day in Haiti.  Like every other morning, we started our day with a cup of Haitian coffee and a wonderful breakfast.  After breakfast, our team headed to Rendevous Church. The worship consisted of a mix of English, Creole and French worship songs – all of which were full of passion. Rendevous church provides headsets so that the sermon can be translated into English.  Today’s message was on Abraham’s obedience to God – to the point of being willing to sacrifice his own son. It was a challenge to all of us to be obedient to God’s call. 

Our afternoon was spent enjoying the beauty of Haiti.  We ventured to Wahoo Beach resort and enjoyed swimming in the ocean, tried fresh crab, some of the team went snorkeling and some played volleyball.  The day was enjoyed by all.

As we reflect on our week, each team member had a “word (or words) of the week” that were shared during group time.

Leadership/Perspective – without leadership, no great idea can get off the ground.  God brought this team together and it is clear God has had a hand in leading Healing Haiti. God enriched our lives through this experience and has given us a new perspective. ~Shane

Change/Impact/Thankful – On different levels this experience has changed us. From being in a house full of strangers, that are now friends to going into Haiti as a team. We made change.  Impact – I believe we touched people. I believe we loved people. And we had impact.  I feel like my heart has changed and I have been impacted.  Thankful – thankful that we came upon this organization of Healing Haiti.  Their vision is in the right place.  Thankful that we came to Haiti as a family ~Stacey

Creation – because I feel like a different person.  Being with the kids and giving love has made me a different person and I want that to continue after I return home. ~Jaxson

Opened – before I came here I had no experience with a third world country. I had pictures and videos and stuff through technology.  It is so different and now I can really imagine what life is like in a third world country.  I feel like something was missing before and when I came here something was opened up in me. ~Emma

Perspective – There have been so many things with what we’ve done and the change of having no distractions – it is experiencing God in a different way ~Stephen

House – In our first world civilization we live in our own house and we are isolated from others, even in our churches.  This was an opportunity to see God’s true light as we really got out of our house.  You see the beauty in community and how happy the Haitians are.  This trip brought us out of our house and into God’s house. I feel like I have been opened to God’s house. ~Wade

Change/ActionChange because we all had our preparation meetings over the computer and didn’t know each other very well.  We have changed that we now know each other better.  We have changed in not hesitating to jump in.  No one hesitated on their action the entire week.  I have figured out the action that I need to do when I get home. ~Mark

Mission – God/Jesus brought us here and it was our mission to come to Haiti.  We completed our mission.  We made someone’s day by putting a smile on their face.  ~Sawyer

Grateful/Direction – grateful for the opportunity to be here with this team, grateful that the opportunity presented itself 7 years ago which has brought us to today.  Grateful that Haiti has changed me, grateful to have the opportunity to see what God has to teach me.  Direction – questioning where do we (our family) go from here ~Trent

Reset/Vision – Each time I return to Haiti I am shown the importance of hitting the reset button.  Haiti teaches me that the simplest things are the most important in life and that getting caught up in the busyness of life can be a distraction from God’s vision for your life. ~Marcia

Relationship – the things that I will remember are the relationships that I made – our team, kids on water truck day, elder visits, etc.  These are the things I will end up remembering years from now. ~Genna

Impact – Although it may be a little difference overall, it was a big impact for the people we served in Haiti.  The visits made their day and when you think of Healing Haiti teams visiting multiple times a year, the impact added together is big.  ~Colton

Grateful – I am just grateful to have been on this trip and in Haiti this last week. ~Rylee