Monday, May 29, 2017

Team 3 day one - arrive safe!!

We arrived safe and sound… bags and all team members made it at the same time!  No delays, no lost bags, no forgotten passports.  My family is on a bit of “sense” overload right now.  The sights and sounds are different for us.  We had our team time tonight and everyone listed his or her “word” for the day.  “Fun,” “merci,” “thankful,” “humbleness” and “safe” were all words people used to describe this first day.  “Smile” is one of the words that I think of.  We played soccer with some of the neighborhood boys, where they beat the Americans handily, hence the title of this post.  They smiled brightly the whole time, as they moved the ball right around and through us. My sons were all smiling brightly themselves, even as we got beat.  We are thankful to be here and can’t wait for what the week will bring.  So glad for the opportunity God has granted us to be here. 

Tracey McClain