Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Day 3: General Hospital, Apparent Project, Le Pharre Orphanage visit

Hi, my name is Abby, and I am so excited to you all about a little part of our 3rd day here in Haiti! To start off our day we went to General Hospital, with this being my 5th trip here to Haiti, I have never been to General Hospital so I was super excited.  (This is a place that was visited in the past, and we were lucky enough to be able to test it out again for other teams to possibly visit again as well.)   This was a public hospital and we went to the pediatric area where many parents came to for help for their ill children. I think I can speak for the whole team that we were a little shy and overwhelmed in the beginning, but it was amazing to watch the team blossom and step out of their comfort zones to help be the hands and feet of Jesus. From stepping in and asking if they wanted a massage or for us to paint their nails, to playing a hand slapping game with some older kids, we achieved our goal of bringing laughter and light into the people! Later on in the night during team time, we really took that time to reflect on what we had seen and the differences and hardships the people of Haiti have to face on a daily basis compared to our way of life back at home. I am confident that as a whole group, we gave our all, and I truly feel we impacted so many people today that I personally will never forget.
~Abby Johnson

Being here for the first time, I did not know what to expect at all. I didn't know if I should be scared of people saying "Bonjour" to me at the airport, I didn't know if I should smile at the men sitting on the fence, I didn't even know that Haitian people owned cars. When I heard that we were going to Apparent Project today around lunch, I had only heard that there was a gift shop, so to say the least I was excited. My perspective quickly changed when I started listening to the tour guide and our team leaders. The Apparent Project is an organization that helps parents keep their children. There are so many different situations that can bring a parent to have to abandon their child, and so many people can't afford it. This organization provides jobs for parents and helps them earn the money to be able to keep their children, and these people are so thankful. I know being here for three days now, I have noticed that these parents are so proud of their children. They love them so much, and it has been so humbling to watch how they put this entire project into action.
~Elissa Magnuson

We went to an orphanage today called Le Pharre to visit children and educate them on taking care of there teeth .  I also placed fluoride after they brushed them. (I am a licensed dental assistant and have worked in pediatric dentistry for 18 years.) I explained to the children they were tooth vitamins for their teeth to help keep them strong.  We sang them an old Raffi song (and modified) when you wake in the morning and you get out of bed you brush your teeth ch-ch-ch-ch   ch-ch-ch-ch.    "When your day is done and you get ready for bed you brush your teeth ch-ch-ch-ch   ch-ch-ch-ch." I think you can all get the gist of it.  The kids loved it with a blow up toothbrush, tube of tooth paste and the puppet Dudley the dinosaur.  It was amazing to see the contagious smiles on the faces of the kids when we showed up just loving on us and wanting to sit on our laps and give and receive hugs.  Words can not even begin to explain how I feel on this trip.  We all have many different emotions at many different times of the day.  This has been an amazing experience and kudos to our awesome leaders Michelle and Julie.  You two make a wonderful team leading.  You both compliment each other.  I am exhausted and time to get some shut eye. Please continue to pray for our team and the people we will touch the rest of this week.  Good night and God Bless you all!
~Dana Pinson