Sunday, June 3, 2018

Basketball Camp, Water Truck, Home for Sick and Dying Babies

Today we got to start off with something a little different. We went to the Sprint to Cite Solei basketball camp right around the corner from where we stopped to distribute water to the community. At the basketball camp it was wonderful to see kids interact through playing a game that they all enjoy. We got to jump in with the kids during some of their drills, and Max and Ariana even played during their organized game at the end! In between the drills and the game we helped pass out and set up their lunches. After the basketball camp we hopped back on the truck to a nearby water stop where we saw some familiar faces that have traveled their from a different water stop, and many new ones. One of the interesting things we noticed about the community was that some of the children we had just played with in their basketball uniforms were now changed into their everyday clothes and were hauling water buckets. We later made our way to the Home for Sick and Dying Babies. This revisit was both heart warming and heart breaking. It was heart warming to see the improvement some of the babies had made just within two days! Some were able to be played with outside just because of the miraculous transition their bodies had made. The heart breaking part was saying goodbye to the children that we all shed our love on so dearly. After a long day of service we were able to experience a little more of the Haitian culture first handed with local salsa dancing. It was fun to observe and participate in the dancing although after we arrived we soon realized that the other people on the dance floor were a little more advanced than us! Overall another great day that made us even more excited to be able to wake up the next day ready for even more new experiences!